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Go Ahead – Plan That Dream Winter Wedding

snowweddingFebruary is the month for romance and the most romantic month for a wedding. Unfortunately, many couples shy away from scheduling their dream wedding in February for fear of the money that could be lost should a snowstorm or inclement weather cause a cancellation. Luckily, today, many couples are opting to purchase wedding insurance which protects couples, and their wedding investment, in the event the celebration is cancelled or postponed. The good news is, insurance not only covers inclement weather, but a full array of other items. Particularly in recent years, due to the fluctuating economy, venues and vendors have gone out of business or into bankruptcy before the big day, taking the couple’s money with them. Insurance can protect against these losses and others including:
  1. Ruined Photo
  2. No Dress
  3. Lost Rings
  4. Unemployment
  5. Call to Duty
  6. Sudden Illness
  7. Damaged Gifts
  8. Additional Expenses
  9. Liquor Liability
Even better news is that wedding insurance is affordable. It can start as low as $160 and is a mere fraction of the cost of a wedding, which, according to a 2011 survey, averages over $26,000.
Traveler’s Insurance offers one of the most popular protection plans.  It’s Wedding Protector Plan has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the past several years.  That’s because savvy newlyweds-to-be understand the importance of insuring such a huge investment. Chantal Cyr, Vice President of Personal Insurance for Travelers says of weddings, “It’s a significant investment — it’s like buying a car and not insuring a car”.  Additionally, an increasing number of venues are requiring insurance for couples to plan that special day.
Purchasing insurance not only protects against financial losses, but provides much-needed peace of mind so that the bride and groom-to-be can concentrate on more important things — each other. To get a free, no obligation quote or find out more about the Travelers Wedding Protector Plan, contact our office at (215) 942-0616.