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Now Is a Great Time for Your Annual Insurance Policy Review

As the warm, lazy days of summer wind down and the kids head back to school, it’s the perfect time to think about taking stock of your insurance coverage. In fact, putting aside time each year to review both your car and home insurance policies not only helps ensure you have the coverage you need but also ensures that you’re not paying for anything you don’t need. Especially if you have teens that are starting to drive, or you have children that are attending college away from home, you will want to consider some of the following tips for your insurance policy(ies):

Home Insurance
If your child is attending college and staying in a dorm, most likely his/her possessions, such as bikes, TVs, laptops and other electronics will be covered under your home insurance policy. Most policies will cover your student’s personal property in a dorm up to 10 percent (for example, $100,000 worth of personal property coverage for your home translates to $10,000 worth of coverage for your student living away). But since there are limits on how much is covered away from the home, talk to your insurance provider to be sure your particular policy has the coverage you need.  If your student is living off-campus, their valuables will not likely be covered by your homeowner’s policy so you may want to look into renter’s insurance to cover any necessary items.

Car Insurance
Car insurance can be costly for your teen and/or college-age student. But did you know you can save on that car insurance in a number of ways? Many insurance companies offer discounts for students who maintain a 3.0, B average, or better. Additionally, there are driver safety discounts if your young driver has a good driving record. If your student attends a driver safety course, he/she may qualify for reduced car insurance rates as well. Finally, if your new driver will not be accumulating much milage and driving on a limited basis, they may also qualify for a discount. Check with your provider to see which insurance discounts might be available for your family!

Make back-to-school more than back to the books. Take time to review your insurance needs to be sure you are sufficiently covered. If you have questions on your insurance or to see how much you can save, contact the friendly professionals at Huntingdon Insurance Company at 215-942-0616.