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4 Ways to Save on Winter Heating Bills

heatingseasonKeeping your home warm during the winter months can be an expensive undertaking. The good news is there are things you can do to stay toasty and save on your utilities at the same time. In addition to saving money, you have the added bonus of reducing your impact on the planet. But whatever your motivation, here are some strategies to help you save on energy usage this winter:

1) Install a Programmable Thermostat. This can save energy by automatically lowering the temperature of your home while it is unoccupied during the day or at night when everyone is toasty under the covers. An added bonus is that your heating bill can be up to 10{babbc178be77080b85919e01e8fc05e4d4cf13798276bf03760b167f5df6e3dc} lower simply by programming the thermostat 7 to 10 degrees cooler for 8 hours a day.

2) Service Your Furnace. Your furnace sits unused during the warmer months. During that time, sediment build-up can settle in causing it to work less efficiently. In some cases, this residue can also present a potential fire hazard, so be sure to have your unit inspected and cleaned annually.

3) Make Sure Your Ducts are Properly Maintained. A home with central heating can lose up to 20{babbc178be77080b85919e01e8fc05e4d4cf13798276bf03760b167f5df6e3dc} of the air moving through the system. But by adequately sealing and insulating ducts, you not only heat your home more effectively and efficiently, but you can reduce your annual energy bills by $120 or more.

4) Keep Your Warm Air Inside! Warm air can leak from a multitude of places – and lost air is lost money! Retain your home’s warmth (and your dollars) by checking to see where you may be losing heat from your house. Seal any cracks and openings around windows and doors with caulk and/or weatherstripping.