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Hurricane Season is Here: Be Prepared

hurricaneSummer’s hurricanes and tropical storms often unleash powerful, sustained rainfall which can overburden drainage systems and lead to significant flooding. In the U.S., floods are ranked no. 1 among natural disasters, resulting in substantial monetary losses in both property and personal belongings. Fortunately, you can reduce or eliminate the financial impact of flooding by taking these simple steps:

1) Know your risk of flooding by simply entering your address in FEMA’s flood map here: https://msc.fema.gov/portal/search.

2) Be sure to purchase a flood insurance policy if you do not already have one.

3) If you already have flood insurance, check to see that the limits adequately cover losses to your home as well as your possessions.

4) Have an flood emergency kit prepared. See ideas here: http://www.ses.sa.gov.au/site/community_safety/floodsafe/emergency_floodsafe_kit.jsp

5) Keep important documents secured in a waterproof place.

6) Plan an evacuation route in the event you need to leave.

7) Itemize your personal belongings and take pictures of them.