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Why Driver Safety Courses for Seniors are More Important Than Ever

sendriveWith new technologies virtually transforming our automobiles and roadways, it feels almost impossible to stay current as a safe and responsible driver. And for older drivers, these changes combined with physical changes in mobility and vision can greatly affect driving as we age. That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider a Senior Driver Safety Course. These courses are cutting edge in helping veteran drivers navigate both the physical and technological changes that have taken place since first receiving a license. Many courses are designed in conjunction with top experts in the fields of aging, mobility, technology, and vehicle and driver safety to offer material that is both relevant and relatable to seniors. Taking a driver safety course can have many benefits including:

– Obtaining discounts on insurance premiums
– Acquiring knowledge on the latest technologies and how to use them to enhance safety
– Understanding changes as we age that can affect driving
– Learning how certain medications can affect driving

Both AAA and AARP offer top rate courses that are surprisingly affordable. For more information on AAA’s Driver Improvement Courses, go to http://seniordriving.aaa.com/maintain-mobility-independence/driver-improvement-courses-seniors. For AARP’s Smart Driver Course, go to http://www.aarp.org/home-family/getting-around/driving-resource-center/info-10-2013/driver-safety-refresher-course-2014.html.