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Springtime is Motorcycle Time…Be Safe on Your Ride!


While nothing can beat that first thrilling motorcycle ride of Spring, be sure that before hitting the road on two wheels, you take a few minutes to do a safety run-down. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in an accident than motorists in a car. But with almost 50 percent of those accidents involving speeding and another 42 percent involving alcohol, it’s easy to see that eliminating these two things significantly increases your chances of a risk-free ride. Here are some other safety tips that can maximize safety and enjoyment of the road this Spring and for many more to come:

Protective Gear
Keep in mind that the only thing between you and the road is your protective gear so be sure to wear proper clothing starting with a helmet. The leading cause of death for motorcycle riders is head injuries. In fact, when mandatory helmet laws were repealed in Arkansas and Texas, those States saw a 21{babbc178be77080b85919e01e8fc05e4d4cf13798276bf03760b167f5df6e3dc} and 31{babbc178be77080b85919e01e8fc05e4d4cf13798276bf03760b167f5df6e3dc} increase, respectively, in motorcycle fatalities.  Another vulnerable area is the lower legs and feet. Because these areas of the body are close to exhaust and engine systems which can become extremely hot leading to burns, it’s important to cover the legs and wear proper footwear. Be sure the footwear is sturdy enough to weather gear-shifting (which is done with the toes) without putting undue stress on the foot.

Forget the Phone
Distracted driving is a bad idea anytime – but it’s doubly dangerous for bikers. Controlling a motorcycle requires more hands-on attention than a car. Compromised reaction time, even a fraction of a second, can be the difference between life and death when there’s no exterior frame to protect against forces in a collision.

Take a Skills Class
Even if your State doesn’t require you to take a motorcycle safety course, do it!  The course will teach you about traffic safety laws particular to your State as well as avoiding dangerous situations and how to properly maintain your bike.

Check Your Insurance Policy
Be sure you know how much and what kind of coverage your motorcycle needs. Options can include Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, and Roadside Assistance, among others. Talk to your insurance agent to see what coverage is right for you or call the professionals at Huntingdon Insurance Group at (215) 942-0616. You can also visit our website at quotes@huntingdonins.com.