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Motorcycle Insurance: 4 Great Reasons To Have It

Temperatures are climbing — it’s time to get that motorcycle out of the garage and onto the road. And while there’s nothing like the thrill of experiencing the open road on two wheels, along with that exhilaration comes risk. Motorcycles are more difficult to see than their four-wheeled counterparts, so they are more easily hit by other vehicles on the road. The risk of collision is compounded by the lack of protective framework surrounding the cyclist. For this and other reasons, motorcycle enthusiasts want to be sure they are protected. Here are four great reasons to have motorcycle insurance:

1) To Be Legal
Whether you ride regularly or simply ride for leisure during the weekend, if you find yourself in an accident or being pulled over by law enforcement for any reason, one of the first items you must produce is proof of insurance. Don’t let a suddenly burnt-out blinker be the cause of a hefty fine in the event you’re stopped! Having motorcycle coverage is required by law just as having auto coverage is.

2) To Protect Against Theft
Because of a motorcycle’s lighter weight and open design, it’s a much easier theft target than a car. Accessories on the bike are much more effortless to take than in an enclosed vehicle. Insurance coverage protects your bike and having content coverage will protect items you add on to your bike.

3) To Protect yourself
The results of of an accident involving a motorcycle, both to the vehicle and the body, can exponentially more devastating than with a car. For this reason, motorcycle insurance is extremely important and it can cover costs to replace/repair your vehicle as well as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) to cover medical expenses in the event of an accident.

4) To Protect your riders
In addition to PIP coverage for yourself, you can protect anyone riding on the motorcycle with you. Additionally, if you are the one at fault in an accident where another driver is injured, insurance coverage can also help pay the medical expenses of the other party/parties.

There are many options when it comes to coverage for your two-wheeled vehicle and that coverage can depend on how often you ride, the type of bike you own and it’s add-ons, so talk to your insurance agent to determine which coverage is best for you. Your agent can shop around to compare insurers and get you the most coverage at the best price.