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Pet Insurance – 5 Things to Consider When Safeguarding Your Pet’s Health

Many pets may experience major medical problems at some point in their lifetime – even those that never leave the house — leaving you with BIG health related expenses.

If you travel with your pet, it could be even worse if they get unexpectedly sick and you need to get care quickly.

That’s why more and more pet owners rely on the peace-of-mind provided by pet health insurance.

Insurance plans run the gamut from basic coverage and routine care for illness and injury to comprehensive health maintenance, vaccinations and exams.

Here are 5 important things to consider when looking at pet insurance:

1) What are the enrollment guidelines (age, breed, specific restrictions, etc.)?
2) Which expenses are covered and which are excluded?
3) What is the plan’s policy concerning existing health problems?
4) Does the plan allow you to use your own veterinarian, and how will they be paid?
5) Is a multiple pet discount offered?

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