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4 Quick Fixes to Stay Warm While Saving Money on Heating Bills

Heating a home in the winter can account for up to 70% of household energy consumption. That can add up, especially around the time of year when those holiday credit card bills need to be paid off. Fear not! You can keep your home warm without breaking the bank! Try these quick tips to stay toasty and save money:

  1. Move furniture away from heating vents. Although placing your favorite chair close to that heating vent may keep you toasty while you’re sitting there, it can block heat from the rest of the house and drive up your energy costs. Keeping your vents unobstructed will help thermostats function properly, keep the entire home warm, and help you get the most from your heating dollars.
  2. Put your ceiling fans in reverse. Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping cool during the summer. They can also keep you warm during the winter. Simply locate the switch on the body of your ceiling fan and reverse the direction of the blades. Because hot air rises, the reversed rotation will return the warm air to the living area where it will keep you toasty.
  3. Be clever with your curtains. Make the most of the (free) heat from the sun during the day by pulling curtains back to let the sunlight in. Once the sun is down, shut the curtains to retain the warmth. Doing this will also reduce condensation on your windows that can lead to mold.
  4. Tackle those drafts. It isn’t difficult to find those drafty spots in your home. The good news is it isn’t difficult or expensive to remedy those drafts. You can make a simple DIY draft stopper like the ones here: http://www.coupons.com/thegoodstuff/diy-draft-stoppers/ or use cost-effective weather stripping, caulk or spray foam to stop the cold air from coming in and warm air from leaking out.