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4 Great Reasons to Choose an Independent Agent When Buying Insurance

Maria-300x216While it may, at first, seem savvy to purchase instant and cut-rate insurance online, the one-size-fits-all rate can be more costly in both time and money than you might imagine. Alternatively, choosing an independent agent is by far a smarter investment in the long term. An agent takes the time to learn about you and your needs so they can tailor a plan that will save you money while offering maximum protection for you and your assets. Here are some great reasons to consider planning a phone call or visit to your local independent insurance agent:
1) Personal Service – An independent agent can answer coverage questions or offer support and advice in the event you need to report a claim – this is an area where online insurance falls incredibly short. With an independent agent, an actual, well-qualified person will assist you in helping report a claim, explain what your policy covers, and even help recommend a good remediation company in the event you need one.
2) Community Driven – Independent insurance agents are often based in the local community – this means they have a stake in what matters to you and your community so you can be confident in doing business with them.  Additionally, as residents, their years of knowledge and experience with the local community helps them offer tips and advice specific to your needs to reduce your risks and protect your assets.
3) An Agent Acts as Your Personal Insurance Shopper – It may be tempting to think that purchasing insurance with a click or two can save time and money, but nothing is farther from the truth.  An independent agent will shop around for insurance companies’ rates and coverages before recommending a plan that most cost-effectively and comprehensively fits your needs. Many times, the agent will know how to bundle multiple policies to save you the maximum amount. And the service cost to you – $0!
4) Expert Knowledge – Independent insurance agents must invest the time and energy to be well versed on aspects of the insurance industry that you may not have time or expertise to look into on your own. The agent can help you fully understand your coverage, deductibles, and limits and will advocate on your behalf in addition to answering questions you may have in making any updates or changes to your policy or policies as they become necessary.
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